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rural ohio, farmland, cornfields, relief printmaking, woodcut, reduction woodcut, farmhouse
Reduction Woodcut Print
7.5 x 10.5"
dog art, reduction linocut, linocut print, printmaking, pit bull, bully, bully love, pit bull love, dog
Reduction Linocut Print
8 x 6"
pink ladies, apples, reduction linocut, linocut, linocut print, printmaking, printmaker, still life
Reduction Linocut Print
5 x 7"
queen for the day, queen, good to be queen, reduction woodcut print, woodcut, woodcut print, printmaking, printmaker,
Reduction Woodcut Print
6 x 6"
dog art, dog, Colorado, Vincent, art, fine art, linocut, black and white, ink
5 x 4"

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